About Us

DEM was set up in 1987 as a manufacturer of RFI suppression filters for household appliances and similar devices.

DEM SpA is a fully private company, the headquarters is in Longarone (Italy) and the production plant is in Pakrac (HR).

Thanks to over 10 millions filters per year, DEM has become European leader of the sector.

Our EMC Laboratory in Longarone is able to issue test reports in compliance with directive 2004/108 EC.

Experience, innovation, product quality and service have allowed DEM to reach a leading position with a constantly increasing turnover and nearly 300 employees.  DEM customer-oriented policy makes us think of our customers as partners of our success.

RFI suppression filters are DEM core business, and they have been developed after long and in-depth analyses of our customers’ technical and applicative needs.

Ongoing innovation has led DEM to be the first to introduce a suppression filter with integrated co-moulded power cord and to develop a new filter without impregnating resins to fully comply with WEEE/Raee directive (waste of electric and electronic equipment) on environmental protection.

Through the study of the fastening system we have made a bracket with integrated ground terminals, which has led to drastically reduce the installation time of the filter and cord to the device, thus simplifying electric connections and consequently reducing costs.

Among the latest achievements, there is the realization of filters and inductors for induction cookers.

DEM can realize special filters for industrial applications, high-power equipment, switchboards (DIN connections) and switching power suppliers.

 DEM develops and manufactures electronic boards for third parties.

On the 2013  was born the electronic brand of DEM named QEED that develop and produce electronic boards for the Industrial Automation and the Building automation market.

QEED flexibility and ability allows us to solve our customers’ manufacturing and quality problems, thanks to automatic machines controlled by qualified technicians: this guarantees quality standards at the highest levels of the market.


D.E.M. Spa