EMC Laboratory

More of thirty years of experience of DEM technicians allow us to develop and find the best solution for our customers’ EMC problems. Our EMC laboratory studies radio frequency interferences and develops suppression filters at DEM headquarters in Longarone (BL), Italy.

The laboratory is fully equipped to perform electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC) according to 2004/108/CE on all appliances that are included in the European Community standard (large and small household appliances, medical and scientific equipment, electronic products, portable tools, vending machines, lighting, etc).

DEM laboratory has been enabled to perform EMC tests and to issue the relevant reports.

Compliance with the standards allows manufacturers to apply the CE marking to their devices.

Technical support to our customers is granted already from the design stage of the device and it goes on during fine-tuning, through the study and definition of the best filtering solutions (network filters) in real time.

We also advise our customers about possible optimizations of the circuits, of the wiring and also of the components which might create EMC problems.


Radiofrequency interferences (RFI) are undesirable phenomena of electromagnetic energy, which are included in the range of frequencies generally used for radio transmissions.

They are generated both by electrical equipment particularly designed to produce high frequency energy (such as microwave ovens, medical and telecommunication devices, etc.) and by equipment and machines which use electromechanical and electronic switches or motors (such as washing machines, portable tools, cookers, gas ignitions, boilers, switch-mode power suppliers, etc.).

Conventionally we use to define  “conducted” those interferences included in a frequency range between 10KHz and 30MHz, and “radiated” the ones included in the range between 30MHz e 1GHz.

Our lab is equipped also for tests regarding the measuring of magnetic fields with reference to human exposure in compliance with CEI EN 62233.

In our laboratory there is a climatic chamber where tests on electronic components are carried out in compliance with the specific procedures.


CEI EN61000-3-2/12: Limit for armonic current emission;

CEI EN61000-3-3/11: Limitation of Voltage change, Voltage fluctuations and Flicker;

CEI EN61000-4/13: Harmonics and Interarmonics low frequency immunity test;

CEI EN61000-4-8: Power FrequencyMagnetic Field Test CEI EN61000-4-2: Electrostatic Discharge;

CEI EN61000-4-4: Fast Transiet/Burst test;

CEI EN61000-4-5: Surge test;

CEI EN61000-4-6: Conducted Disturbances;

CEI EN61000-4-11: Voltage Dips, Short Interrupts and Voltage Variations;

CEI EN61000-4-3: Immunity to Electromagnetic field;

CEI EN55014-1: Emission for supply cable from 30-300 MHz.

For conducted interferences we are able to carry out tests complying with CEI EN550 xx (continuous and discontinuous disturbance).

Our laboratory is equipped to perform tests on human exposure to electromagnetic fields according to CEI EN 62233.

A climatic chamber is available to perform life tests on electronic components in compliance with specific procedures.


All DEM filters are designed and manufactured according to current standards and are approved by the main international safety institutes. 100% of our production is tested both for electrical and mechanical parameters. Together with our customers we agree on product quality and reliability parameters (ppm) and on self-certified supplies.

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